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  • Artist Biographies
  • Artist Grants
  • Event Promotion
  • Ghostwriting
  • Liner Notes
  • Press Releases
  • Professional Emails
  • Résumé, Cover Letters, and CVs
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Website Copy Editing

Artist Biographies
You’re the face behind the work. You dump so much love and effort into your art: doesn’t your bio deserve the same treatment? Your biography gets slapped on everything from event programs to Facebook banners to personal websites. Talking about yourself can be hard, but I can help alleviate your stress.

Artist Grants
As one of those artist-types, you’ve likely got one foot in your current project and the other moving towards your next big undertaking. Perhaps the most formidable obstacles that artists face are financial blocks. I can help you find the crucial sources of funding needed to complete your magnum opus. Not only do I offer grant consultation sessions, but I can also write your attention-grabbing grant proposal.

Event Promotions
Do you have a big show coming up? A world premiere maybe? Getting the word out about an event can be critical. Give yourself some breathing room and leave the promotions to me. Together, we’ll get the word out across a number of social media platforms to make sure your event is a hit!

Everyone has a story to tell… but it can be a little difficult to find the right words sometimes. As a woman of a few thousand words, I might be able to help with that. I am available for articles, speeches, and memoirs.

If you were looking for a ghost pun somewhere in that description, look elsewhere. We don’t do that sort of thing here.

Liner Notes
I’ve read some pretty egregious liner notes in my time… so many in fact that I might include a top ten list of worst liner notes of all time somewhere on the blog function in the near future. Make sure your liner notes don’t end up on my list. I’ll work with you to establish voice, tone, and brand for a more polished final product… because believe it or not, people still read liner notes.

Press Releases
Announce your newest project with professionalism. Press releases can be crucial in setting your brand’s intention. I can help you get it right the first time.

Professional Emails
In an increasingly technological age, it is likely that your first contact with a potential customer or promoter will occur over email. Emails are the new smalltalk in that they are equal parts annoying and necessary. I can give you the right words to make the right impression every time.

Résumé, Cover Letters, and CVs
Take only the essentials with you. If you’re looking to streamline your résumé or curriculum vitae, I’ll walk you through the writing process so you too can write your documents like a pro. Stuck on your cover letter? There’s a service for that, too!

Social Media Maintenance
This is the one. I know it’s the one. And when I say “the one”, it’s shorthand for “the one we all hate”. You’re the artist- you’ve already done the hard work. Maintaining artist pages can feel like a full-time job but it is a necessary evil for professional freelancers. Don’t let that take time away from your art. I’ll help you build a custom plan for social media maintenance. I’ll even take it one step further and upkeep your artist pages myself. How’s that for a bargain?

Website Copy Editing
Ah, personal websites. If only all you had to worry about was paying your domain name dues on time every year. If you’re unhappy with the flow of the text featured on your website, drop me a line and we’ll establish a voice that is engaging, informative, and professional.